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Firestone Bay Pool

Jon has been campaigning to have Firestone Bay Pool fully repaired since early 2020, after the pool was left in a dangerous state of neglect by the Labour-run Council.

Jon campaigned with Kevin, the owner of Devil’s Point Café to have the pool deep cleaned and cleared in 2020 and was successful.

Jon has been working and campaigning with Plymouth’s sea swimmers, local residents and businesses to have Firestone Bay designated as a Safe Bathing Water Site and to clean up and make the beach safe for everyone to use. 

He is being supported by the residents of Plymouth, sea swimmers, local businesses and tourists in his campaign to have Firestone Bay Swimming Pool fully repaired, and funded by 2024.

Jon has suggested using a portion of the £9.5m grant that Plymouth received for becoming the first National Marine Park to pay for the full repair and continued maintenance of Firestone Bay Pool.

Firestone Bay Pool Updates:

Jon has managed to secure the full repair of Firestone Bay Pool and the pool’s continued maintenance from 2024 onwards.

Please, see Jon’s Council Question in the PDF attached.

Jon Hill – Firestone Bay Pool 2024

Firestone Bay Pool 2020
Firestone Bay Pool 2020
Firestone Bay Pool 2020