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Public Transport

Jon has been campaigning on multiple public transport issues for years throughout the City and St. Peter and The Waterfront Ward. Some of Jon’s most well-known public transport campaigns are:


  • The installation of multiple raised taxi ranks throughout St. Peter and The Waterfront Ward and the City of Plymouth. Raised taxi ranks will enable people with limited mobility and wheelchairs to access taxis safer and easier.
  • Installation of ‘Living Bus Stop Roofs’ to support the biodiversity of Plymouth and the City Centre.
  • An increased electric bus and taxi fleet will reduce emissions and make Plymouth more accessible for all.


Jon believes that by improving public transport, many issues in Plymouth can be resolved such as less congestion, less pollution and road works will be reduced.
It will also better the health of local residents and wildlife.

Plymouth Living Roof Bus Stop
Armada Way Raised Taxi Rank