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Supporting & Promoting Plymouth Businesses Campaign

Jon has been immersed within Plymouth’s local business scene and culture since he was a child.

Growing up, he was heavily involved in the operation and running of multiple family businesses that were all largely located within Plymouth.

Due to being surrounded by many local independent businesses, Jon became very aware of the struggles they face and how much time and effort that each and every owner puts in. This is why he is such a passionate advocate for local business.

Jon has spent years working with, campaigning for and buying from local businesses in Plymouth. During 2020, Jon started his ‘Shop Local Plymouth’ Campaign to promote local businesses over multinational companies.

Jon’s campaign focuses on spending your money with a local business in Plymouth, because if you buy local – that money is more likely to be spent with another local business within Plymouth, which will encourage a more circular local economy, and ultimately this will create and support more local jobs.

Pollenize Plymouth Bee Keepers
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