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Greenifying St. Peter & The Waterfront Campaign

Jon has been working hard on multiple Greenifying projects across St. Peter and The Waterfront Ward for many years.

He has been campaigning to introduce new plants, bushes and trees throughout Stonehouse and the City Centre. One of Jon’s most successful campaigns was planting the beautiful, new Cherry Trees in Devil’s Point.

Jon has been raising his concern with the lack of green areas and trees throughout Stonehouse and Plymouth City Centre to Plymouth City Council. He hopes to secure funding for his ‘100 Trees in Stonehouse’ Campaign by March 2024.

Jon aims to plant 100 new trees, plus bushes and flowers throughout Stonehouse in 2024. Jon is working with Pollenize to encourage Wildflowers in as many places as possible, including reintroducing the central barrier plant pots, greenifying bus stop shelters, and apartment block rooftops.

Barbican Barrier Plant Pots
Stonehouse Trees
Devils Point Blossom Park